Residential Counselor-Abington 15hrs

Do you have 3 hours in the morning to help get our students ready for transport to the The May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders?
We need some help in our Brockton area residences getting the kids transitioned from their group home and into the vans to take them to school.
The kids we serve have suffered traumatic brain injury, or have neurobehvioral disorders that require extra assistance in ther daily activities of living.
Mornings can be hectic and our residential counselors could use your help in providing an extra pair of hands to assist the students bathe, eat, toilette, or dress.
Our Morning Direct Care Staff will work 15 hours per week, Monday through Friday from 6am - 9am OR 7am - 10am
Administer medications
Ability to work at any residence with any/all students
Maintain a positive attitude
Ability to work and communicate with a diverse team
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Valid driver's license and 3 years of driving experience
Bachelor's degree in a related field preferred
Previous human services experience strongly preferred
CNA preferred

Don't Be Fooled

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